1000ul Filtered Pipette Tips
These Celltreat 1000ul filtered pipette tips feature a unique, patented surface treatment that helps prevent sample loss during pipetting. Made of sterile polypropylene, these tips are available in a wide variety of volume sizes. Unlike standard filtered tips, these filtered pipette tips are non-sel...
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ELISA Microbiology
The ELISA test is a laboratory technique for the determination of specific antibodies. Antibodies are immunological proteins produced by the body in response to pathogenic antigens. This test can detect antibodies to HIV, HPV, Borrelia burgdorferi (the cause of Lyme disease), rotavirus, Zika virus, ...
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The VWR Heat Block Is a Versatile Unit For a Variety of Applications
The heat block incubator is an economical and versatile modular heating unit that has a variable temperature control, an adjustable high and low thermostat, and a compact design for easy storage. These units are ideal for a variety of applications, including incubation of cultures, enzyme reactions,...
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How Is DNA Polymerase Extracted From Living Organisms?
DNA polymerase is extracted from various living organisms. The enzyme is a protein that acts on DNA by attaching complementary nucleotides to the three and five-fold ends of a DNA strand. Each cycle of the PCR requires 30 cycles of denaturation-annealing-extension. The process involves the use of pr...
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How to Do DNA Extraction at Home?
DNA Extraction at home is an easy method to make your own DNA from plant tissue or animal tissue. The process begins by cleaning the samples thoroughly. Using a sterile pipette, you add ice-cold alcohol to the sample. Because DNA is soluble in water and salt, it is not readily soluble in these mediu...
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Tecan Microplate Wahers & Blot Processors
To course of your orders directly, please present the required business documentation to purchase this product. Avantor Services offers a variety of specialized companies and digital options that can help you remedy advanced challenges. New AvantorĀ® J.T.BakerĀ® premium conductive and non-conductive...
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How To Use Micropipette?
Many people who use pipettes for the first time think that the operation of pipettes is very simple, but it is not. The operation of the pipette is the first step in a scientific experiment. It is a very basic experimental operation, but most people have a prejudice against the operation of the pipe...
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