Is There a Train From Brazil to Mexico?

Post by Alex on December 16, 2022
Is there a train from Brazil to Mexico

The Vitoria-Minas Railway is one option. There is also the Serra Verde Express. Flights are also an option. These options are faster than a train, but are more expensive. Luxury buses are another alternative. If you'd rather skip the cost of a plane, you can always take a Luxury bus.

Vitoria-Minas Railway

The Vitoria-Minas Railway links the state capitals of Brazil and Mexico and takes passengers through the Amazon rainforest and across awe-inspiring bridges and viaducts. The train also winds through narrow gorges with waterfalls, which makes it a scenic journey. There are 10 executive-class cars available on the train. The journey is just over 13 hours long and the fares are around 50% cheaper than a bus.

According to Vale, the Vitoria-Minas Railway carries 115 million mt of iron ore annually. It also transports coal, grain, fertilizers, and steel products. It is also linked to the private railway MRS, which is partly owned by CSN and Vale. The Vitoria-Minas Railway also serves steel mills in Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro.

A major milestone for the railway is the recent extension of the concession. Vale and the Brazilian government have extended the concession from 2027 to 2057. The amended contracts were signed on December 16 and will be confirmed by the Federal Audit Court in July. However, it is not clear who will operate the lines once they are completed.

Brazil's railway system has undergone significant reforms in recent years. The government's aim is to boost the economy. After the devastating Covid-19 pandemic in 2015, the country suffered its worst economic downturn in decades. The government responded by introducing economic stimulus packages.

From Curitiba, the Vitoria-Minas Railway passes through the historic town of Morretes, which is the gateway to the Serra do Mar rainforest, a part of the Atlantic Rainforest Biosphere Reserve. The train passes through a number of bridges and stretches of forest. The train offers a comfortable journey in deluxe carriages furnished with large armchairs, and breakfast is served. In addition, bilingual guides explain the history of the area and its flora.

Serra Verde Express

The Serra Verde Express offers a unique experience: a luxurious train ride across the country. Passengers can enjoy a spectacular ride through remote regions that are home to incredible natural beauty. There are only a few places in the world where you can travel by train in such a luxurious manner.

This train journey begins in Curitiba and continues through the lush Serra do Mar mountain range. Along the way, passengers will see waterfalls and moss-covered rock formations. During the trip, passengers can even enjoy a boat transfer to Ilha do Mel, a picturesque island. Afterward, passengers can continue their journey by taking the Serra Verde Express back to Curitiba.

There are four different categories of rides on the Serra Verde Express. During the high season, trains leave from Curitiba every day at 8:15am. The train also runs on weekends, but only in Curitiba. The return train leaves at 3pm from Morrete station. The trip takes approximately eight hours and a half.

The Serra Verde Express from Brazil to Mexico offers a luxurious and relaxing travel experience. Passengers will enjoy the comfort of reclining seats, air conditioning, and a DVD player. Some coaches even offer sleeper seats or TV screens for the ultimate in comfort. Some coaches also offer complimentary snacks and meals.

In Brazil, the Serra Verde Express runs between Morretes and Curitiba. It transports over 150 thousand tourists a year between the two cities. The train also stops at Ponta Grossa-Cascavel. This is another popular tourist destination and is famous for its hip lifestyle. The city borders Paraguay and Argentina.

Luxury buses

If you're traveling to Mexico or Brazil, you may be interested in taking a luxury bus. While there are many ways to travel between these two countries, traveling by bus is a fantastic way to see new places. These buses can take you almost anywhere you want to go. You can board a leito bus or a comum bus, and they'll take you from one city to the next.

There are plenty of bus companies in Brazil, and most large cities have more than one. The buses are similar to intercity buses, but with higher standards of amenities. However, it's not easy to find a driver who speaks English, so you'll need a local guide to help you get by. Some of the bigger bus companies will even have dedicated staff for the trip, but you should always check with the company ahead of time to make sure they have an English-speaking driver.

Luxury buses are built specifically for comfort, and are often equipped with more features than commercial airliners. They typically make very few stops along the way and feature wifi, touch screens, cafeteria service, and movies. Some buses even feature reclining seats. There are also shuttle buses that are designed to provide a more personal travel experience.

If you're looking to take a long-haul trip to Mexico, you may want to consider hiring a luxury bus. These buses are typically equipped with WiFi, built-in chargers, and A/C. They can even travel overnight.


If you're planning a vacation in the south of South America, you may want to consider flights from Brazil to Mexico. The two countries are close enough to be connected with an inexpensive flight. But there are some things to know before you book your next flight. One of the biggest things to keep in mind is travel security. In the case of Mexico, you may need to have a valid transit visa.

There are two main ways to travel from Brazil to Mexico. The first is a direct flight, which takes six hours and costs about 230 USD. There are about 78 direct flights each day and about 548 flights every week. The other option is a bus ticket. The bus costs around 213 USD on average and takes 12 hours. The bus company Grupo Senda has several routes to Mexico City and Brazil.

Aeromexico, a member of the SkyTeam alliance, has increased its air connectivity to Brazil. The airline now operates a daily service to GRU from Mexico City, with nearly 4,000 two-way seats every week. The airline has been offering flights between Mexico City and Brazil for over two decades.

The average flight time from Mexico City to Brazil is seven hours and forty-five minutes. However, individual flights may take less or more time. You should also take into account airport wait times and weather delays. Keep in mind that Mexico and Brazil time zones are different. Depending on how windy the weather is in either country, you may have to wait a bit longer.

There are several airlines that offer non-stop flights from various locations. Among them are Aeromexico (SkyTeam) and VivaAerobus. Other airlines that offer non-stop flights from these cities are Volaris and Aeromar.

Transiting through Mexico

Transiting through Mexico on a train from the neighboring country of Brazil is easy if you plan your trip accordingly. Generally, you will not need to have a Mexican visa, although you may need one if your onward flight requires a change of plane. This depends on the nationality of the passengers, the length of time between flights, and whether they plan on spending the night in Mexico. When traveling through Mexico, it is recommended to hire a guide who can help you go through the customs and immigration process.

There are many options for transport between Mexico City and the capital of Brazil. While you can use buses and subways to travel between these countries, it is advisable to take a taxi as the metro does not allow luggage. However, make sure you hire a taxi service that is authorized by the SCT. There are several authorized taxi services, including Nueva Imagen, Porto Taxi, and Sitio 300. If you have a car, you can rent it from an airport agency or book a ride via Uber.

When traveling through Mexico, you should know that the government has recently implemented new immigration policies. The new requirements will affect Brazilian citizens traveling by land or air. For travelers coming from Brazil, it will be necessary to get an electronic or regular visa before traveling to Mexico. The new requirements will take effect on Dec. 11th.

The Metrobus can be used to travel between the airport and the city. The airport has several bus lines, which operate 24 hours a day. A ticket for a single ride will cost around EUR8. Ticket prices vary according to route.


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